Have you questioned or lost your health confidence?

Have You Struggled With Any of the Following:

Fatigue • Joint Pain • Injury Recovery • Brain Fog • Weight gain • Poor Sleep • Poor Mental State

Are you seeking a higher level of athletic performance?

If so, you’re not alone! Let us give YOU the plan to take back your health and achieve optimal performance!

We at BHB

Here at BHB we specialize in designing a health plan for you based on your blood work! This patented blood test will tell us exactly what foods may be causing you an inflammatory response in your body and which ones are nourishing and healing for your body, and on what scale this reaction is taking place. Armed with this knowledge, we can start working immediately to form a rock solid baseline toward YOUR perfect health plan for YOUR specific body.

Our Philosophy

How It Works!


The assessment will include our one on one consultation, our detailed health questionnaire, and a Live blood test. The one on one consultation will include speaking with you to discover your habits, lifestyle, emotions, and other factors that effect your current health. Our questionnaire’s topics include food, fluid intake, sleep/rest, exercise, stress levels, and your vitamins and supplements. The blood test results will show us your exact food sensitivities and inflammatory bio markers, off of which we base your optimal health plan.


The information we gather in your assessment then gets utilized in our diagnostic tools to assist us designing your optimal health plan with the objective of getting your intestinal microbiome functioning optimally while bringing your hormones into balance and firing on all cylinders, thus giving you the health, vitality, and performance you need and desire!

Health Plan Design & Implementation

Once your assessment is done and your diagnostics have been completed, we then design your comprehensive health plan which includes our recommendations and guidelines for your food, fluid intake, sleep/rest, exercise, vitamins and supplements, as well as any lifestyle changes. We then work with you in starting the implementation process with scheduled meetings for the first 90 days of your new program to get you moving in the right direction.

Bloodwork based individual nutritional planning for health and performance

In depth home and lifestyle evaluations

Health and performance classes for groups, sports teams, and First Responders

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